Can You Put Pima Cotton In the Dryer


Can You Put Pima Cotton In the Dryer

When you buy pima cotton you know right off the bat that you are buying a product that is significantly more expensive than regular cotton. This is because of the incredible similarities that it shares with Egyptian cotton. Because of how expensive it can be buyers want to be sure that they are getting the best possible use out of their sheets. In order to do this they want to be sure that they are properly cleaning their sheets at any given time.

This leads to a very important question: how should one clean their pima cotton sheets, and even more importantly, can you put pima cotton in the dryer? Here are some reasons why you may actually want to avoid using the dryer with your pima cotton.

Over Shrinkage Occurs

When you initially buy pima cotton sheets you may find that the sheets are just a little bit too big. To combat this problem you simply need to wash the sheets in lukewarm or even cold water and then simply put it in the dryer. The longer it spends in the dryer the more it will shrink over time.

The Best Results

If you want to get the best results out of cleaning your pima cotton sheets then you need to avoid the dryer altogether. You will get the best results out of simply hanging up your sheets so that they can dry. This will not only do no damage to the sheets, it will prevent wrinkles.